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Lashes By Marissa

10 ML Super Bonder

10 ML Super Bonder

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Super Bonder that is a lash sealant formulated to ensure the best lash retention. Helps to expedite the drying process of lash adhesives and perfect for all lash artists to maximize retention up to 30%. 


  • Maximize lash retention.
  • Reduces irritation and sensitivity.
  • Protecting against water, sweat, dirt.
  • Accelerates the drying process.
  • Good for any type of lash material and or glue. 
  • Tips: Fan dry the lash extensions for 2-3 minutes after application. Apply 2-3 drops of Super Bonder onto a micro brush, spread lightly on the glued areas of lashes. Fan or air dry for 1-2  minutes before next process.
  • Better use it up within 3 months after opening
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